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Experience the Land
Persectives as if we were the uninhabited land.
Discoveries of the Native People.
What we think the voice of the land would say about sharing the land with the Native People.
Our discoveries of settlement in the Millarville area.
Our perspectives on what the land would say about development.
Discovering what future possibilities there are for our hamlet.
What we think the land would say about the future.
One complete journey through time by a grade 3 student.

Future Possibilities

The final phase of this project was to have students look to the future. The discovery of the history had given the students a clear understanding about how our community has evolved and become Millarville as we know it.

  • What are the possibilities for this community?
  • Will we remain largely rural?
  • Will we become a small town?
  • Who decides?

As the children worked with authentic issues of Millarville, they began to take history to the present.

While we looked at all of the possibilities for the future, we always came back to our original question and asked, "What will be the impact on the land?"


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