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Experience the Land
Persectives as if we were the uninhabited land.
Discoveries of the Native People.
What we think the voice of the land would say about sharing the land with the Native People.
Our discoveries of settlement in the Millarville area.
Our perspectives on what the land would say about development.
Discovering what future possibilities there are for our hamlet.
What we think the land would say about the future.
One complete journey through time by a grade 3 student.


In this segment of Understanding our Heritage, grade two and three students were involved in exploring their community of Millarville from a different perspective. They were asked to shed their human experience and view the development of the area from the perspective of the land. In order to develop an awareness of the land from a different perspective, students began to visit the land. On the hillside above our school, we were able to go to a location where our view was unencumbered by any visible signs of civilization. Students positioned themselves in their own private spot and tried to "become" a part of the landscape. They tried to write from the perspective of a certain object; tree, rock, grass, whatever they chose. They wrote about what they saw, heard, and felt. They began their journey through time before there were any inhabitants in this area, before exploration, before native people had taken up residence.

"Voices of the Land"

This is My Home
by Ben, Grade 2

It's lonely and chilly standing here, especially in the winter. There is a pokey tree next to me and on the windy days it really hurts because it takes my branches off. There are lots of other trees but not very close to me. There is an empty space in front of me. I am looking over the treetops and into the blue sky and it is very beautiful, especially at sunset and at sunrise. There is a gopher living where my roots are with little babies and sometimes they come out and they are very cute. Sometimes there are wild horses that graze in the grass and deer eat my leaves, but I don't mind. Sometimes the deer have babies and they come and lick me. I hear the sound of the birds but the crows peck me. The bear scratches my bark, the bald eagles perch on my branches. This is my home.

I Felt Cold, Alone and Free
by Melissa, Grade 3

I felt cold, alone and free. I felt like a wild animal. An elk group was coming up after traveling a long way. The grass and trees were scratching me on my side. It felt like the trees were watching me. I felt the grass, it was rough. It felt like I was in a picture like a painted past. The wind blowing on me softly.

The Wilderness
by Isaac, Grade 2

I saw different shaped clouds in the blue sky. Some are shaped like deer. Pokey, soft, gray mice were crawling over me. There were birds whistling. It was a sunny, warm, day with a warm breeze. There were tracks in the trees. It was comfortable with the brown, sweet smelling wet grass. I was in the wilderness.

Peaceful and Safe
by Montana, Grade 3

I felt really peaceful and safe and free. Around me there are trees, leaves, grass, prickles, sticks. Above me there are sky and clouds. I saw a graceful bird in the big blue sky. I felt a big pokey tree behind me and I felt a bitter cold on my leaf as a snowflake just began to fall. There was a cougar running across a field. It made me feel free and dreamy. I felt like something was watching me. It made me feel aware. I would like the land to always stay the same because it is free. It is cozy, warm and welcoming.

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