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Experience the Land
Persectives as if we were the uninhabited land.
Discoveries of the Native People.
What we think the voice of the land would say about sharing the land with the Native People.
Our discoveries of settlement in the Millarville area.
Our perspectives on what the land would say about development.
Discovering what future possibilities there are for our hamlet.
What we think the land would say about the future.
One complete journey through time by a grade 3 student.

Looking to the Future: Journey of the Land

Students investigated the current community of Millarville. They surveyed why their families moved here, they looked at what the community has become, the physical structures, and they surveyed the community. "How do you envision Millarville of the future?" Students once again returned to the land and again wrote from the perspective of the landscape. When you read the voices of the land, look for the knowledge that is imbedded in the students' writing. With this knowledge and perspective, the students explored the impact that future development might have on the land.

"Voices of the Land"

Sorrow in our Hearts
by Sasha, Grade 3

The animals that once roamed on this land are almost gone and we feel sorrow in our hearts because of it. They are gone because some people are careless of nature. Bison have almost vanished and the tall trees beside me are gone. I am the only tree standing in this spot and the bare patches beside me have no trees. I hope I don't get cut down because I want to grow tall and point to heaven.

I Feel Really Old
by Levi, Grade 2

I feel really old thinking about all that is going to be happening. People might take away my territory, they might cut me down. I felt lonely in the beginning but then people were here in tipis and houses and I felt better because I had company. But now I am worried because the people might dig me away. They might take my spot and I would be gone.

by Morgan, Grade 3

Before the land was peaceful, green grass, lots of trees. Now houses are here. Nothing was here before except trees, grass and freedom. Now there are schools, houses, highways, fences, wells, construction, ball fields, parking lots. I hear motorcycles, people talking and machines. I feel terrible about the changes. Are we wrecking the land?

I Am Sad
by Garrett, Grade 2

I am sad. I am the only tree that I can see. All the trees got cut down. Now all I have are the blades of grass below. I am worried about the future. I might be cut down.

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