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Experience the Land
Persectives as if we were the uninhabited land.
Discoveries of the Native People.
What we think the voice of the land would say about sharing the land with the Native People.
Our discoveries of settlement in the Millarville area.
Our perspectives on what the land would say about development.
Discovering what future possibilities there are for our hamlet.
What we think the land would say about the future.
One complete journey through time by a grade 3 student.

Journey Through Time

As you read the thoughts of a grade 3 student, you can follow the passage of time and see how history impacts the land and the community of Millarville.

"Voices of the Land"
by Cole grade 3

I feel the hard old branches. A little breeze blows threw the trees. The snow is soft and cold. It is very cold in the winter. The snow is falling and makes spots in the sky. There are moose and other animals walking by. They leave cool tracks. I see a path full with animal tracks. The air is cool and fresh and the ground is soft. The shining sun is bright and warm. A rock like me loves the landscape and likes the warm sun shinning on me. There are other rocks bigger and smaller than I am. I feel peaceful.

I am a rock and I see teepees with smoke flowing through the top. There is a powwow and the Native People are dancing in a ceremony. They are passing a pipe in a circle, and it looks like there are only men smoking it. They point it to the north and up. Every night a Stoney Native puts his elbows on top of me and prays to the creator. I've learned how the Native People live and survive. I see that they need animals for food and shelter, some flat ground to build teepees. They like places to explore and fields for their horses.

The schools are bigger and taking up more space on the land and the playgrounds are taking up more space. Trucks and cars are making loud noises and driving everywhere. Roads are being built over the land. Baseball diamonds are in the fields, football fields taking up space to play and they have to put poles in the ground and a hockey rink. Fences are built to keep animals safe, culverts, a gas station, cul de sacs and parking lots. There are changes on the land. There are fewer trees. It's good for people but what about the land? It's hard being a rock watching the sad changes.

As a rock I don't want Millarville to become a town or a city. Millarville was meant to be a peaceful, quiet place, not a loud big place. It's meant for people who like the country. People who want a small place have come to the right place. But remember, I can't do anything about it, I'm just a rock.

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