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Turner Valley Student Story 1:
Turner Valley The Land

Early Years
I am peaceful on the warm summer days.  It is quiet only for the sound of crickets.  I wait for rain for a thirst after a long hot day.  The odd animal wanders around me but never sticks around for I am a prairie.  A fierce predator could kill the prey that grazes on my fields.  I have laid here for millions of years and have seen many different animals.  My grass has been eaten by deer and buffalo.  I am old and I have seen many things.

First Natives
For millions of years I have seen animals and insects but not what are passing by.  They walk upright unlike most creatures.  They build up structures to sleep in that I have never seen before.  They only take what they need.  They always give back to the land.  These creatures speak a language I do not know but these seem to understand each other.  In the many years I’ve been alive I have never seen such animals.

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