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Melrose School Student Story 1

(Kelsey) Hello my name is Susan Roberts and I’m here interviewing Mr. Martin Sr. and Mr. Martin Jr. about Melrose School.

(Colton) Hello Susan. Thank you for introducing my son and I.

(Kelsey) So Mr. Martin Sr. where was Melrose School located?

(Colton) It was located a little west of Heritage Heights School.

(Kelsey) What grades were at the school?

(Lauren) The school had grades 1-8.

(Kelsey) How did the school get its name?

(Colton) It was named after a place in Scotland.

(Kelsey) Why?

(Lauren) A family that moved there wanted to bring a piece of Scotland with them.

(Kelsey) Where did the teachers live?

(Colton) My teacher lived with me so I had no excuse if my homework wasn’t done.

(Kelsey) How did the kids get to school?

(Lauren) They rode on horses and kept their horses in stables that the school had.

(Kelsey) Did the teacher ride horseback too?

(Colton) She walked because she was afraid of horses.

(Kelsey) How many students attended Melrose School?

(Lauren) The school had 10-12 students in grades1-8.

(Kelsey) When did Melrose School close?

(Colton)The school closed in 1955.

(Kelsey) Why?

(Lauren) Because there weren’t enough people going to the school.

(Kelsey) Where did the kids go for high school?

(Colton) They went to the high school in Dewinton.

Kelsey) This has been a wonderful interview. I’m Susan Roberts and this is Our History.

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