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Longview Student Story 1:

 Hartell is located north of Longview and west of High River. In 1937 you would buy the groceries and get the mail in Turner Valley and that took the whole entire day to get there. You would either travel by horseback, bike or walk. There were hardly any cars or trucks in those days. There was no highway along Hartell just plain old dirt roads.

Ed Thompson was the son of an old pioneer family, he started off by building a store and a post office.  Skove lumber was the first to build after Ed Thompson.

The name became to be Hartell Corner now Hartell Corner is called Hartell. In 1994 there was a fire that caused to burn down the Hanson’s garage and house. It was the Lipton that caused this fire.

There were nearly about 20 houses in those days. Today there is about 5 to 10 houses in Hartell. One of them is a store owned by Mr. Mildred Moon. It is hardly open anymore; at the front of the store there is some mailboxes and a painted sandstone

In the year 1977 Hartell back then looks more like today.

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