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Eden Valley Student Story 1:
Nakota - Stoney People

In our language, we always refer to ourselves as “Nakoda”, meaning people. Today we are known everywhere as the Stoney Indians. The name Stoney Indians was first given to us by early white explorers, because of our method of making broth. In order to make broth, first a fire was made, and some round stones placed in the fire, so they would become very hot. Nearby, a small, hollow dug into the ground, and lined with the rawhide to form a bowl. Food such as piece of meat and vegetables were mixed in the bowl and water added. The hot stones were then taken from the fire and placed into the broth to cook it. The stones would not burn holes in the rawhide, but only make the water very hot. Early explorers from Europe noticed our clever way of making soup, and called us the stone people. That is why today we are known as the Stoney Indians.

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