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Experience the Land
Persectives as if we were the uninhabited land.
Discoveries of the Native People.
What we think the voice of the land would say about sharing the land with the Native People.
Our discoveries of settlement in the Millarville area.
Our perspectives on what the land would say about development.
Discovering what future possibilities there are for our hamlet.
What we think the land would say about the future.
One complete journey through time by a grade 3 student.

Understanding Our Heritage

This inquiry based project looked closely at the history of the community and people of Millarville from the perspective of the land. It was a full year focus for the grade 2 & 3 students as they followed a process of inquiry that evolved as much as it was directed. The places it led and the things that were learned were not always anticipated.

The work was not about a "product" but about a way of "thinking" about history, learning historical facts, details, and concepts which became the stepping stones to a deeper understanding of historical patterns and community.

The sidebar throughout this website shows the blue route of "Our Discovery" and the parallel route of "Voice of the Land". "Our Discovery" outlines the background knowledge students acquired through field trips, guest speakers, research, websites and technology. In "Voice of the Land" the students uncover the relationships between the land and the human inhabitants.

Students made connections between "our community" and "the world". Their discussions reflected an awareness of issues of change to the environment, first nations people, colonialism and consumerism.

Students interpreted history in a participatory way and through their experience were able to develop new perspectives and understanding.

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