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Big Valley Technology in 1920

by Wyatt

In 1920 ,cars were replacing the traditional horse and buggy. The telephone was becoming the main source of communication in the town and in the countryside. These were just some of the things that were new in the area of technology. Imagine you are living in the 1920`s and see your father driving his new car or truck in to your front lawn for the first time ever, or hearing your phone ring for the first time since you got it installed.

When automobiles first came into existence they were an immediate must have. They were easier to handle than a horse. They could travel longer at a high speed than horses and if you kept them in good condition they were going to last longer. After a few years, everybody had a car or a tractor. The two types of motors were the steam engine or the modern internal combustion engine. In time the internal combustion engine phased out the steam driven car.

The telephone was the new wave of communication.

Through the party line system, not only could you make calls all around the world you could also call your neighbors and if you wanted there could be five or more people on the phone at the same time having a conversation. The party line system caused some problems though because some people started eavesdropping. After a while, it was changed to the modern version like we have now.

Through these two things the world started its march towards modern technology. Big Valley was part of that march.

Historic photographs from McCarty, Tom. (1977, c1974). As We Remember Big Valley. Big Valley, Alta. : T. McCarty. pp. 51, 173

Technology in 2004

By Colby and Stephen

Technology has always been a part of culture. Cars, DVD’s, and computers are the things that are in this report.

Most of the cars today are bigger and have smoother bodies. Some of the new cars have GPS. GPS stands for global positioning system. GPS is like a computer but it tells you where you are and if you are lost or not. With GPS you can leave a marker of where you have been.

A fairly new entertainment system is the DVD player. All of these entertainment systems below are DVD players. Most new DVD players have the following; 2 to 4 hours of digital video on both sides, 8 audio track possibilities, and surround sound.

Computer picture from content.gateway.com
DVD Player picture from www.excellentelectronicsonline.com/mainpage.html

DVD Player

Computers have compete completely changed the world we live in. Computers have gotten faster and faster. You can have the internet that will connect you to the rest of the world. Now you can watch DVD’s and burn them off the computer. You can also listen and create music. You can play games and look up information on the internet. You can also play games from discs on the computer. Printers are highly advanced as well. Printers can copy and print in color.

http://n64.emuscene.com/ news.html

http://www.epson.co.uk/.../printers/ photo/styphoto900/

Other advances in technology also influence the way we entertain ourselves. People play Game Boy Advance and other handheld games. There are games that are played on Play Station 2 like; Death From Above, ATV Off Road Fury, and 007 Night Fire. People don’t play board games that much any more because of Nintendo and Game Boy Advance.

TV’s are now in color and so are pictures from cameras. Cameras are also digital now. Digital means a picture made out of mega bites. These pictures can be made bigger, smaller, darker, and lighter. You can also put the pictures on the computers and print them off.

Technology has come so far that we can even write information like I did for this report on the computer. I used a digital camera to take the picture below. I think technology is really cool.