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The Fashion In Big Valley In 1920

By Colby

Although clothing is a physical need, fashion is a psychological need to look good and feel good.

Working fashions for railway men posing in front of a steam locomotive.In Big Valley in 1920, the schoolboys wore jean overalls with button shirts, and leather lace up boots. The school girls wore dresses, with bows in their hair, and shoes that buckled up. The ladies in Big Valley in 1920s mostly wore flapper dresses. The dresses were worn with lone strands of beads. In their hair the ladies might wear fancy combs, scarves, or feathered headbands.

The men in Big Valley could buy their clothing at Brown’s Men’s Wear. For Sunday, they could buy Arrow collared shirts for a $1.50. If they are going to the big city they might want to buy a sacque suit, with a colored shirt, silk tie, and black bowler hat. For every day wear, the men wore coveralls with sleeved shirts, leather lace up boots, and caps on their heads.

The Fashion has change a lot in the last 100 years. For example, Brown's Men's Wear is gone but the people of Big Valley are still matching their styles with the bigger cities.

Fashion of 2004

by: Kassy

“Hey, we should totally go shopping today!”

“Ya, it would be so cool. We could find the latest styles,” said the girls with fashion in mind.

Girls' fashion today is to wear bell-bottoms, faded jeans, three quarter shirts, and shirts with logos or sayings. Some of the girls still wear dresses and skirts on special occasions. Boys' fashion is to wear baggy pants, jerseys, button up shirts, and also every day t-shirts. Some boys also wear suits, but only on special occasions of course. Another type of fashion for both girls and boys are baggy sweaters with hoods. There is also the pajama pants style too.

Another thing that is in fashion for boys is hats. Almost everywhere you go you see boys wearing hats. For girls they usually don't wear hats but occasionally you will see them wearing them too.

In the year 2004 shoes have changed. Now a days all people wear are runners, skater shoes, and girls also wear high heels.

Belts these days are very fashionable. There are leather belts with double buckles, with metal lining around each hole. Some of these belts have holes all around the belt. There are belts made of strings, with many colors. There are also plain belts with different buckles, like stars, flowers, and many more.

Vests are also very fashionable. Now a days the vests are used as fashion, but they still can be functional insulators. Vests now come in cotton, fleece, down filled (feathers), and thread made from recycled plastic pop bottles.

Hairdos are also a part of fashion. Girls are the more fussy ones with hair, or used to be. If you look around your school you will see girls with braids, pig tails, pony tails, girls that leave their hair down, messy buns, and many more funky hairdos. For the boys these days they usually have long messy hair or else short hair that is gelled, or spiked up.

Earrings are also qualified as fashion. Earrings these days come in hoops, balls, stars, flowers, and many more. Girls are having their ears pierced in the top, bottoms, nose eyebrows, lips, and tongues. Even boys are piercing their ears, and also the nose etc. They get their ears pierced almost everywhere a girl gets them pierced, except maybe on the top of their ear.

“That was fun, and we totally got the latest styles.”

“Ya, but did you know that these clothes won’t stay for long because people are always creating more and more ideas each day. They are just waiting to try and change everything, either for the better or the worst,” said the two girls who had finished their shopping for the day.

The girls’ fashion
Pictures provided by student.

The boys’ fashion

Pictures provided by student