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by Malcolm

In our study of Big Valley culture, I researched the topic of government. Government relates to culture because it is a social need. In my study, I learned that the Prime Minister at the time (until July 10,1920) was a man named Sir Robert L. Borden, who’s party was called the Unionist party, for the Liberal party and the Conservative party had joined together. The premier of Alberta was a man by the name of A. L. Sifton, who was a Liberal.

I also learned that government is not only about the people who rule, but also about the people who are ruled. It’s also about the people who keep the law enforced.

Other knowledge that I obtained was that some of the police who were stationed in Big Valley in 1920 were Officer Jack Ross, Constable Duncan, and many others. I also learned that the first Judge in Big Valley was a man by the name of Bill Grey. The first Mayor of Big Valley was A.E. Richards and the secretary treasurer was P. C. Stokes. I also learned where the police station was in Big Valley and how it operated. The police station was situated on Main Street. If someone had a problem, they would go to the police station and ring a bell in front of the door and the police would come. So, aren’t you glad that you don’t have to go and ring a bell when you’re in trouble?

Big Valley becomes a town!

"...I do by this My Proclamation declare that on, from and after the FIFTEENTH day of NOVEMBER, 1920, the said area be erected into a Town Municipality to be know as THE TOWN OF BIG VALLEY..." Read the proclamation..

The Big Valley Government in 2004

Written by Ruben

The Big Valley Government is quite simple to explain and almost the same as it was 84 years ago. Len Waters is residing as Mayor, assisted by Yvette Cassidy as secretary, who is assisted with Mrs. Wildman, who works part time, Lorne Parkin, who is one of our three council members, and Harry Stuber, who resides as deputy mayor. The school superintendent is Egbert Stang. Our county representative is Dave Hanley, and our school board chairperson is Karen Holloway.

Our MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) is Judy Gordon, and our premier is Ralph Klein.


The current Prime Minister is Paul Martin. Our MP (Member of Parliament) is Kevin Sorenson.

The mayor only governs the residents in Big Valley, and the county representative only influences decisions in the county, and Judy Gordon only influences decisions in Alberta government.

I feel that government is a very important issue and that everyone should be proud of Canada’s government.