Re: View Media Project for Grade 10 English

Develop Your Concept

The concept is the underlying creative idea that drives your message. It should be effective and powerful because it is the most important part of a successful ad campaign. You can execute the concept in different ways in different media.

An ad usually has three parts: the visual, the headline and the copy. Most people will look at the visual while less than half will read the headline and fewer still will read the copy.

The Visual - Make The Reader Stop And Look

Use photographs if you can because people relate to them more easily than to drawings. Make the image as interesting as you can and have it take up at least 1/2 your ad space.

The Headline - Give A Bit Of Information

Your headline should be short and grab the readers' attention either by affecting them emotionally or by making them think. Keep your headline to a maximum of 15 words.

The Copy - Give Information To Make The Reader See The Undertones Of The Original Ad

Here's where you tell people reasons to buy. Use arguments and facts. Select your details carefully. One or two strong details are better than four or five weaker ones. Be clear, be precise, be honest. Place your copy near the heading.

The information on this page has been summarized from the adbusters site. For more information pay them a visit.