Re: View Media Project for Grade 10 English

Decisions to Make

Decide on:

your communication objective

To find out what your communication objective is ask yourself, "What do I want people to do after reading this ad?" and "Why should they do this?" If you ad is going to be good your objective has to be clear and precise.

your target audience

Who is your message intended for? If your message is aimed at kids the language and arguments you use will be different from the one you'd use to appeal to teens or adults.

your format

Is it going to be a poster, a half-page magazine ad, or a tiny box in the corner of a newspaper? Decide on the format based on your target audience. If you want to reach teens, a poster in a high school will reach more of your target audience than a full- page ad in the newspaper. When it comes to deciding on the format of your ad, consider the available resources. Think about the time and materials you have available to you. Doing a billboard or a bus bench may seem like a great idea but you may have to settle with a model or prototype instead. Don't let that discourage you. You can do a lot with a small ad so long as it's strong, clear, and properly targeted.

For more information about communication objective, target audience and format visit adbusters.