Horse drawn swather - picture from the private collection of Jim Bedson

Heritage Seeds by Grade 1 and 2

1. Sunflower by Jennifer
2. Tiger Lilies by Sarah
3. Lilacs by Taryn
4. Hollyhocks by Ashley
5,6,7,8 Lilies by Kassidy
9. Hollyhocks by Ashley
10. Rose by Ashley,
11. Hollyhocks by Sarah
12. Blue Bells by Ashley
13. Onion by Jordan-Lee
14. Squaw Corn by Jesse & Cody

Alice and the Garden

by Jesse, Cody and Jordan-Lee

Once up on a time Alice grew a garden.
Alice grew squaw corn.
It didn’t taste as good as sweet corn.
This is how she saved corn seeds:
She saved the corn on the cob.
She dried it out and she didn’t cook it.
She planted it next year.
The seeds grew into more corn.
She picked the corn and saved it again and again.
Then she had corn every year.


Eva’s Garden

Eva grew a garden.
All she had in her garden was lilies.
Eva loved lilies.
She loved tiger lilies and plain lilies
but she loved tiger lilies the best.

Nancy’s Garden

Nancy has grown many gardens.
We can eat seeds.
We eat pea seeds.
We eat pumpkin seeds.
There are lots of kinds of seeds.
We can get seeds from fruit.
Watermelons have lots of black or white seeds.
Oranges, apples and grapes have seeds.

Alfred’s Garden.

Alfred grew a garden. He says there are many different kinds of seeds.
We get seeds from ripe plants or from a store.
Seeds are small.
Seeds can come form vegetables or flowers
We can get seeds from fruit.
Then you can keep the seeds over the winter
It takes 3 or 4 months for plants to grow.
We think that Alfred likes his garden.

Kassidy's sunflower is very tall and full of seeds to eat or save to plant next year.

The Seeds

By: Ashley and Leah

Nap has grown a garden.
He knows about seeds.
Seeds grow in the ground
Some seeds are small.
We can get seeds from fruit.
We get seeds from the flowers.
There are a lot of seeds .
They can grow both vegetables and flowers.
It takes about six weeks to grow from seeds.
Seeds can grow plants to 30 c.m. tall.
We eat some seeds.

The students are growing some heritage flowers.