Horse drawn swather - picture from the private collection of Jim Bedson

Heritage Museum in Castor, Alberta

We visited the Museum several times in order to get the setting for our story just right. Our story is a Historical Fiction, which means that we made up the story but it took place in a real location (the Castor area) during a real time (early 1900’s). We had some favorite parts of the Museum. Here are a few of them.

Glass created in the depression - the glass has a pink colour to it.

Here is some of the display of glass created in the depression.

Steven's Great Grandmother was an operator on this telephone exchange system.

This old incubator is like a wooden table with legs and a box to keep the eggs warm. There are screens to hold the eggs and allow for air circulation.

There is a little door to open so you can see what's happening inside without letting the eggs get too cool.

Students Comments on their visit to the Museum

I loved going to the museum. It was really cool. I learned that you should respect old things.

We liked taking all of the pictures and seeing them on the computer. We liked the people at the museum. They were very nice.

I liked the pointy fish. I didn’t know the desk had a drawer.

My favorite part of the museum was the old classroom. It had bird eggs. There was a giant mousetrap and the old telephone. It was really big. The museum was fun.

When we went to the museum we saw a lot of old kitchen supplies. That was my favorite part.

Our favorite things from the museum were:

We really enjoyed our trips to the museum. We learned how the pioneers lived. And we also learned how the pioneers dressed in the olden days. We learned how their bedrooms looked. The old school was very original and neat because there were lots of interesting things like a blowfish.

My favorite part was when I played on the old typewriter.