Horse drawn swather - picture from the private collection of Jim Bedson

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Heritage Chickens

We are hatching several types of chickens. If you went back in time and visited a farm around Castor, you would see these breeds of chickens. First, we have some chicken poems and writing for you to get into the proper frame of mind. Read our writing and then join us as we look at the eggs and the chicks.

White Leghorn by Cheyene

Rhode Island Red setting hen on Nest by Levi

Bill Had A Farm

Once upon a time Bill had a farm.
He had chickens.
The colors were yellow, black, and white.
When the chickens get sick now we take them to the chicken doctor or vet.
Chickens are about 8 inches tall. Their eggs are the size of a golf ball. Some chickens are wild. Chickens lay eggs to have babies.
The chicken’s feet are about 2 inches long. They have 2 long toes at the back.
The chickens drink water. Chickens eat wheat and barley.

Laura’s Chickens

by Maisie and Cheyenne

Laura had chickens when she was young.
Her chickens were gray and white.
Laura’s chickens were hatched from eggs.
They eat wheat and oats.
They are big, about 7 pounds.
They drink water.
Laura’s chickens lay medium-sized eggs.
They don’t get sick but sometimes they are wild.

Ruth and the Chickens

by Riley and Jacob, Grade 2

Once upon a time Ruth walked up to a chicken house. The chickens were red, white and black.

“Baa-aa-awk…baa-aa-awk….Baa-aa-awk,” went the chickens. She stepped on an egg. “Oh, no!” she screamed. The eggshell poked into her big toe The egg yolk squirted right through her toes. She quickly wiped her toes on the new green grass. Then she ran to the pump. She pumped a bucket of water and she jumped in the bucket. Then her feet were clean again.

She went back to the chicken coop to gather eggs. She gathered eggs to hatch them into chicks and then grow them into chickens so she could eat them.

When she saves the eggs, she marks them with a pencil on one side. Then she puts the eggs under the hens. Hens are girl chickens.

But then she went to the bushes and saw some chickens. There where 7 little chickens. She thinks the little chickens came from a hen who ran away from the chicken coop and laid eggs in the bushes. Then the hen hatched the babies and now she has 7 little babies. Ruth gave five little chickens to the neighbours. The neighbours were happy.