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MEDIA RELEASE : A Company History 1998 - 2002

Lord of the Flies Hits the Stage

For Immediate Release
February 25, 2003

CALGARY, AB…Sage Theatre presents the stage adaptation of one of the great novels of the last 100 years, William Golding's Lord of the Flies. The western Canada premiere runs from March 12 -22nd at Dancers' Studio West Theatre. This masterpiece of world literature is as relevant as ever in this time of looming war.

Artistic Director Rob Moffatt characterizes it as such: "Lord of the Flies fits perfectly into our mandate of Theatre of Immediacy. It's an arresting drama full of dimension and humanity, and the acting ensemble requires total physical, vocal and emotional commitment. I'm confident that our production will be a compelling and memorable experience."

When a group of schoolboys are stranded on a desert island, their efforts to organize clash with the savagery borne of the human condition. Generations to have read the novel will recall the indelible portraits of Ralph, Jack and the doomed Piggy. Abounding in symbolism, Lord of the Flies resonates on many levels, and it remains an electrifying examination of the human soul.

Sage Theatre is an award-winning company with a reputation for artistic excellence (Shimmer, Stuck, Polygraph, Bent, Lion in the Streets). Lord of the Flies is directed by Kevin McKendrick (The Good Life, The Hobbit) and assisted by Elizabeth Stepkowski (formerly of One Yellow Rabbit). Leading the 11-person acting ensemble is Scott Roberts as Ralph, Danny Dorosh as Jack and Ben Laird as Piggy.

Lord of the Flies runs at 8 pm, Monday through Saturday, from March 12 - 22nd, 2003. Dancers' Studio West Theatre is located at 2007 - 10th Avenue SW. Ticket prices are $14 for students and $18 for adults, with Monday night being Pay-What-You-Can. For tickets, please call Arts RSVP at 283-7725.

Sage Theatre has been generously sponsored by the Alberta Community Initiatives Program, the Calgary Region Arts Foundation, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the Calgary Foundation. Our media sponsors are FastForward and CJSW.

For Further Information, Rob Moffatt, Artistic Director
Please Contact: 264-SAGE (7243) / rob@sagetheatre.com www.sagetheatre.com

A Company History: 1998 - 2002

"KER-POW! What an entrance! Every new theatre company should debut with the same jaw-socking impact as Sage Theatre." - Martin Morrow, Calgary Herald

Sage Theatre stepped into the spotlight in the fall of 1998 with Judith Thompson's Lion in the Streets. The unprecedented success of this debut included a one-week hold-over and a still-record seven Betty Mitchell Award nominations, winning in the categories of Outstanding Direction, Leading Actress, Supporting Actress and Soundscape.

The impressive debut was followed up in March with Reading Hebron, a thorny comedy-drama probing Middle East politics and issues of faith and redemption. Well-received by audiences and critics, Reading Hebron firmly established Sage Theatre as a player on the Calgary theatre scene, and a company that promoted theatre with soul and intelligence.

Sage Theatre capped its first season with an ambitious co-production with the University of Calgary's Department of Drama to produce the Canadian premiere of renowned playwright Tony Kushner's Slavs!. This drama portrayed Russia before and after Glasnost as a meditation on the function and fall of Soviet Communism. Once again, Sage Theatre employed some of Calgary's leading actors, and strengthened its reputation as a cutting-edge Theatre of Immediacy.

Sage Theatre's second season opened with Martin Sherman's seminal Bent, a tragic Nazi-era love story that broke box office records at the Big Secret Theatre and was held-over for a sold-out AIDS Calgary benefit. Bent won the Outstanding Supporting Actor Betty Mitchell Award, and received nominations for Outstanding Actor and Lighting Design.

Tough! followed in the spring, a rapid-fire comedy dealing with teen pregnancy by a giant in Canadian playwriting, George F. Walker. Employing some of the finest in emerging theatre talent in the city, Tough! enjoyed a solid run and continued accolades from audiences and critics.

Sage Theatre chose another Canadian icon, Robert Lepage, in producing his noirish metaphysical thriller Polygraph in December, 2000. This bilingual drama garnered a further two Betty Mitchell nominations for Sound Design and Choreography, was held-over for another AIDS Calgary benefit and exposed Calgarians to our country's foremost international theatre innovator.

Canadian Graffiti marked Sage Theatre's first new play premiere in the spring. Sparked by the issues surrounding violence in schools, this play combined stylized movement, live sound and music, and an exuberant cast of emerging artists. With the risk-taking and personal expression involved in developing new plays, a theatre finds its fullest creative voice, as did Sage Theatre with this successful production.

After three years of producing work in the Big Secret Theatre in the Performing Arts Centre, Sage inaugurated a new Calgary venue, The Biograph Theatre. Its celebrated fall production was David Rubinoff's Stuck, a surreal Beat poet's journey through the mean streets of Toronto and an insight into the homeless. Actor Frank Zotter gave a riveting performance that brought the play back for an encore in the spring and earned an Outstanding Actor Betty Mitchell nomination.

Now in its fourth season, Sage Theatre has a reputation for provocative and enchanting theatre art. The company has introduced Calgarians to leaders of contemporary Canadian and world drama while pushing the boundaries of theatrical style and form. As in the past, Sage Theatre is dedicated to healthy collaboration, smart risk-taking, striking a meaningful dialogue with its public and delivering the finest of Calgary's established and emerging artists to the stage.