Lord of the Flies Low Fat Version
Provides a brief overview of each chapter, character summary, significant quotations, as well as the themes and symbolism that Golding uses.

Novel Analysis
This site provides a quick analysis and overview of the novel. It includes character analysis, metaphor and theme analysis as well as a brief biography of Golding.

Overview of Lord of the Flies
This stie includes summary information regarding the text, author and movie as well as the full text.

Classic Notes Version of Lord of the Flies
Provides a brief synopsis of each novel section, short biography of Golding, a quick analysis, additional links, essays, a message board and a 50 question multiple choice test.

Nigel Williams adaptation of Lord of the Flies
Brief background information about Nigel Williams adaptation of the novel as a play. Presents an introduction to the play version, as well as short biographical bits on William Golding and Nigel Williams.

Dr G's Student Friendly Lord of the Flies (http://www.monmouth.com/~literature/LOTF/student/index.htm)
Includes information about characterization, allegory, war and viloence