March 11th-Lord of the Flies Media Event a Success

On March 11, 2003 a media conference was held for SAGE theatre production of The Lord of the Flies, which opens March 13 and runs through March 22, 2003. This media conference was successful not only because it gave the media a sneak peek at the upcoming production but also welcomed about 45 students from Highwood High School in High River. The session gave students a chance to ask the actors, producer and director questions about their production allowing them to gather information and learn from some experienced theatre practioners. This information will be valuable to students as they create their own adaptation of the novel in an effort to capture the same immediacy as evidenced in the Sage Theatre production.

As one student said, “This is frightening, this book was written in 1954. Are violence and war still the only ways we have to deal with conflict?” One of the challenges faced by the play’s director, Kevin McKendrick and cast was how to portray the innocence of youth, while representing the destructive nature of man.

This partnership between Galileo Educational Network, Foothills School Division and Sage Theatre provides opportunities for students to converse with experts and debate issues that reach far beyond the walls of the school or the theatre. This event marks the beginning of a learning experience that will be continued in an online relationship between Sage Theatre and the students. These students are gaining a greater appreciation of the importance of the arts in our lives and our communities.

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March 4, 2003-
Discussion with Drama 10’s as they work on their rationale for their presentations.

"Whatever you produce, you have to consider the audience? What do you want people arguing about after they see your presentation?"Q: What is it that keeps us “civilized”? Authority, Law?
A: Authority does this but without consequences authority doesn't have a place. It is the consequences that keep us in line, as well as authority as we need some kind of law to keep us civilized.

Q: Are there people who act morally and ethically, even without authority?
A: We created authority. People came up with these social codes. However, it was because of people who were “bad” that those social laws and codes needed to come to be in the first place.

Ongoing discussion:

Morals are subjective. Moral and ethical ways are determined from what society accepts and expects. What if beating someone was the morally acceptable thing to do instead of not beating someone? What if you were considered a jerk because you didn't beat others up?

What about religion? There are people who fundamentally believe that they are morally right, yet atrocities are committed everyday under the guise of religion. What is the role of fear in the commitment of human atrocities? Notion of cruelty – in terms of discrimination (racial or otherwise, i.e. Piggy)

Something else that is being presented in the novel is Fear of Isolation. What did the boys in the book experience when they discovered that they were all alone on the island? What are some real life examples of this? What happens when someone is left alone Castaway or prisoners in solitary confinement?

How far will people go to be part of the group? Groups vs. Groups…At first so many on Ralph’s side and then slowly throughout the novel they move to Jack’s side. Why? Contemporary examples of Hitler and Stalin. How did they deal with opposition?

Only you can create actual evil in yourself, it does not come from outside (the Beast)