Pictures of our new classroom aquarium.
Pictures and descriptions of the Jackfish we dissected, cooked and ate. Student Work
Answers to some of our questions.
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Student Work
Student Work
Resources for more research on fish.

A Fish Story

The Kindergarten and Grade 1 scientists in Mrs. Boxma's class are investigating fish. They have generated many questions and are busy searching for answers. They are carefully observing the fish that live in their classroom aquarium and by researching in depth the lives and habits of one particular species. They also cooked and ate some jackfish as part of their research. These students have more questions about fish.

  • How do fish breathe under water?
  • How do fish see under water?
  • How do they eat? What do they eat?
  • How do fish move?
  • Do fish have teeth? How big?
  • How do fish grow? What stages do they go through?