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Reporter: This is Davisburg radio and it is another beautiful day in the community. Today we will be talking to Mrs. Berglund. Mrs. Berglund and her friend Matt will be telling us about the old Davisburg School. Welcome to our radio station.  Thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy day to share some of your history and knowledge with us.
Reporter: When did the school first open?
Mrs. Berglund: The school first opened in 1888.
Reporter: What was the school first called?
Matt: The school was first called Glenbow.
Reporter: What did the school look like when it first opened up?
Mrs.Burglund: The school was a two-story building, and it has a very flat roof. The school had 14 small windows. The entrance was like a little shelter that said Davisburg School on it.
Reporter: Did all the teachers ride their horses to school?
Matt: Not all the teachers rode horses some were afraid of horses and walked.
Reporter: How long was the school open for?
Mrs. Berglund: The school was closed in 1953 when there weren t enough children attending anymore.
Reporter: Where did the teachers live?
Matt: They lived in the teacherage beside the school.
Reporter: Did other kids go to Davisburg School that did not live in Davisburg?
Mrs. Berglund: Yes several families attended from out of the district because they did not have a school close to them.

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