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Davisburg Community - Student Story 1

Tom: Today we are talking to the Woodward family.  Today we have Mrs. Marion Woodward and her daughter Miss. Donna Woodward. Would you mind answering A few questions for us today?   Jesse: What did you have in mind?


Tom:  How did Davisburg get its name?

Sharon: Well, Davis burg got its name because it was named after D.W Davis. Davis was one of the many people in the House of Commons. In fact he was the first one in the House of Commons.  But Davisburg was first named Glen Begg because the family s name was Begg and they lived in a glen.



Tom: I have some questions about the Davisburg area; did you ever know anyone that was related to the Davisburg family or anyone that was friends with them?

Jesse: No I don't.


Tom: What sort of activities did you do at the Davisburg bridge?

Sharon: Well, we went fishing in the summer and had skating parties in the winter.


Tom: What sort of transportation did you use to get to school?

Sharon: To get to school we used either horses or we walked.


Tom: How was your school heated in the winter?

Sharon: A wood stove heated our school.


Tom: Did you have any chores to do before school?

Jesse: Yes we had to feed the pets and collect the eggs from the chickens.


Tom: How often did you take a trip to town?

Jesse: Maybe once a month.


Tom: I have heard stories that the kids that died at the Industrial School were buried on the school grounds? Is this true?

Jesse: Those stories are true as true can be.


Tom: Thank you for your help today Marian and Donna Woodward you were a big help to us.

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