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Davisburg Student Story 1:
Industrial School

Amber: Here we are with Alli and Brennan I will be asking them questions about the Industrial school. So Alli what were some of the subjects the children used to do during their classes?

Alli: One of the many subjects the kids used to do during their class was English. English was one of the subjects they used to teach the most. English was so interesting.


Amber: Thank-you Alli. Brennan now I have an interesting question for you. Did the children of the Industrial School have uniforms?

Brennan: both boys and girl wore uniforms. The girls wore dresses that were below there knees and boys wore suit that had shorts and suspenders.


Amber: Thank-you very much Brennan. This one is for you Alli did the older kids work better than the younger kids?

Alli: No, it is really the younger kids that worked the best.


Amber: What did the boys and girls do for work?

Brennan: The girls worked with sewing and laundry and the boys worked with shoes.


Amber: Did the boys fit in the school?

Alli: No they didn t they got in trouble


Handwriting - Dakotaÿ °ÿ Amber: Did you have gardens at your school Brennan?

Brennan: Yes, they did. They had gardens, crops, stock.


Amber: Who at the time had the most courageous escape?

Alli: It was a seven year old named Jimmy Gladstone


Amber: Where did jimmy Gladstone go when he escaped?

Brennan: Jimmy had two ideas one was to go back to the harsh school or go back home. Jimmy choose the right one to go back home. Jimmy got home by the railway.


Amber: Who made their uniforms?

Brennan: A small number of big girls made most of it but only small parts the boys made.


Amber: what was the biggest team back then?

Alli: Hockey was very famous at the Industrial School. One year they never lost a single game.


Amber: What was the hockey team s name?

Brennan: High River District Hockey League.



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