Pictures of our new classroom aquarium.
Pictures and descriptions of the Jackfish we dissected, cooked and ate. Student Work
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Student Work
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Pictures of the Jackfish

Picture Comment
Kindergarden and grade one students painting the jackfish with green paint. We are painting the jackfish so we can make a print of the fish on some paper.
The fish is all painted green and ready to make a print on paper. Here is the fish all painted. We are going to make a print of the fish now. The red spots on the paper are blood from the fish.
Two prints of the fish on paper. Students moving to the disection table. Here are the prints we made of both sides of the fish.
Teacher cutting into the fish. There are fish guts on the table. Students are watching. We get to see the guts of the fish. You can see the intestines and the liver of the fish in this picture. We found lots of eggs and she was a girl.
Teacher is making a funny face and holding the fish. h We also found a little fish that she had swallowed whole.
The cooked jackfish is out of the oven. Grade one students are getting ready to eat it. We are getting ready to cook the fish. It turned white after it was cooked. The fish's flesh was grey and red before we cooked it.
Picture of boy eating a piece of jackfish. Kayl and Sean are ready to eat Jackfish.
Fish skeleton on the table. It has all the fin spines but is missing most of the ribs. This is the Jackfish skeleton.
Individual fish vertebra. This is a close up picture of what the fish's spine looks like. They go together like a stack of hockey pucks.