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Red Deer Lake - Local Parlance - Student Story 1:
Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill first started out as a hiking or walking path. If you turned on a gravel driveway you would be heading up to Ms. Goerlitz’s old house.

The people who lived in that house were the Taylor family. Ms. Goerlitz, who was part of the Taylor family, had to walk up and down the hill to get to school.

The walkway is absolutely covered with trees. From far away, you can’t see the walkway.

At the top of the Taylor Hill there is now a green and yellow house with a light chestnut coloured roof and a few tractors around it.

Another story about Taylor Hill is that the sun can never seem to hit it. The whole hill was covered in bright green grass.

It is important to the community because people still use the walking path to hike up every day.

The hill was called Taylor Hill because it was discovered first by the Taylor family.

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