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Student Insight

The stories of our names and places are important not only to us but others so we can be recognized. Where we live is an important place to us. The places and names in our community have been here for a long time and there are many stories to tell.

There is a story about almost everything and every place even though the places are not there any more or even on the map.  But if we pass on the stories from generation to generation then the places will be recognized by others through the stories that we tell.

We got to drive around and look at places and learn about the names and the people. We learned more than we thought we would and found the stories about the store, Chicken Hill and train track very interesting. We learned about place s that we never thought about before we started our project.

When we learned more about the places around our school we learned about the place and the people. You may not know a lot about a place from the outside but when you hear the story you remember the place and you can explain why places get heir names and why they are important.

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