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Red Deer Lake Student Story 1:
Norrie’s store

Norrie’s store was very important to the community because you could buy food, clothes, and things you needed there. The store was named after it’s wonderful owners, Mr. and Mrs. Norries, who unfortunately died a while ago. The store is located on highway 22x. The store needed to be moved when the road needed to be widened. Mr. Norrie was a truck driver and his son is a truck driver also, so there were often trucks parked there. You could buy almost anything you could possibly need at Norrie’s store. If you needed more fuel, you could find it. If you were short on bread, you could pick it up there. It’s too bad that there is no longer Norrie’s store. Many people remember what it was like to be young and save your allowance to by candy at Norrie’s store. Hopefully someone in the future will have the brilliant idea of opening another type of Norrie’s store.

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