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Millarville Student Story 1:
Millarville School Grounds – Polo Field

Hey Hannah?  Did you know that people played polo on our football field eighty to ninety years ago? 

No, but tell me more.

Robert Turner homesteaded the southeast quarter section. That’s our football field.

He began to let settlers play polo there. Polo was a man’s game. 

I wish girls could have played polo.

They played with long mallets to hit the ball on the ground.

 It was passed to all four teammates.

Wow, just like hockey, and there were two teams.

They built log houses to serve tea to the players.

They played in the late 1890’s until world war one.

In the late 1920s’ there was a revival of the game.


And now we use it for soccer, baseball lots of stuff even football in our gym classes.  It really is amazing.

Polo is truly was and is an extraordinary sport.

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