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Melrose Family student Story 1:
Melrose Family

Sierra: Today’s date is February 08 1905. Julie when you get home from the Melrose School what are your chores?
Lace: My chores are collecting the eggs.
Sierra: How do you collect them?
Lace: I lift up the chicken take the eggs and put them in a basket and take them to the house.
Sierra: Do you have any more chores?
Lace: Yes, I must clean the house with my mother. I must clean the carpets and the windows. We must clean the carpets with a bat. We must whack the bat on the carpet, which is on the clothesline…. and the windows with a sponge…. water the plants in the garden. …we grow vegetables and saskatoon berries.
Can I speak with your brother too please?
I must do my chores anyway
Sierra: Bobby, when you get home what are your chores?
Kaelum: When I get home from school I must herd the cows, the sheep and goats into their pens. Then you put the animals back into their fenced in field.
Sierra: What other chores do you have to do?
Kaelum: I must feed the farm animals and give them water everyday.

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