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Your report should begin with a 'title page' which includes your name, date and project title.

Your design report will contain the following sections:

  1. Situation

    Begin your report with an explanation of how you identified the need or opportunity for your design.

  2. Brief

    You need to write out your project brief which states the need you have identified.

  3. Research

    Give a brief account of how you began to tackle the problem. This should include details of the research you carried out and how this helped you form your ideas.

  4. Specification

    As you write up the specification you need to remember that this section demonstrates your ability to analyze a problem in detail and show your understanding of the limitations imposed on the design.

  5. Possible solutions

    Describe the possible solutions you considered. The sketches and notes that you made at this stage are the ones which you should include here. Describe any models you made or any tests you conducted.

  6. Chosen solution

    Next you should outline how you arrived at your chosen solution. This will have required that you evaluated each of the possible solutions with regard to the specifications.

  7. Working drawings

    Here you should include the working drawings which you prepared. They should be neat, clear, and easy to understand.

  8. Details of the construction work

    In this section you will show that you planned the stages in the manufacture of your project. It will include your timetable and materials list. You will also include a log of the problems you faced and how you went about solving these.

  9. Final tests and Evaluation

    Now you must describe how successful your project has been. Your evaluations should outline the strengths and weaknesses in the structure, the materials and building processes you used, the way you tackled the project, and the overall design.

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