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Forces in Frame Structures

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A 'successful' structure must be able to withstand all the forces it will experience without toppling over or collapsing. An understanding of the kinds of forces which can act on or within a structure is therefore important to a designer. We have described five different kinds of forces.

Tension Forces

Forces which case a member to 'stretch' are called tension forces.

Compression Forces

Forces which can cause a member to be 'squashed' or buckled are called compression forces.

Shear Forces

Shear forces act 'across' a material in such a way that one part of the structure can be forced to slide over another.

Torsional Forces

When a turning forces (or torgue is applied to a member, the member may twist.

Bending Forces

Forces which act at an angle to a member, tend to make it bend. These are called bending forces.


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