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  • Narcisse Blood

    Narcisse BloodNarcisse Blood (Ki'naksaapo'p) currently teaches for the Kainai Studies program, the Department of Education at the University of Lethbridge, and the International Indigenous Studies Department at the University of Calgary. Narcisse was a Coordinator of the Kainai Studies program at Red Crow College and he has served as Chair for the Mookaakin Cultural and Heritage Foundation of the Blood Tribe and on the Blood Tribe Chief and Council. He also served as a speaker for the State of the Nations Symposium where he gave a lecture titled, "Defending Rights: An Indian World View on the Environment." He recently was part of a select group of environmental public speakers chosen to be trained and certified by Al Gore’s Climate Project. He has principal transfer rights in the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) knowledge disciplines of Iitskinaiksi (Horn Society) and Ninnaimsskaiksi (Bundle Owner).

  • Marvin Calf Robe Sr.

    Marvin Calf Robe 			Sr.Marvin Calf Robe, (Kiitokiiaapii), is currently a student of Kainai Studies at Red Crow College. He has led workshops locally and internationally on Blackfoot culture. Marvin has worked as a research assistant on the Itsinikssiistsi Project, a study of Blackfoot storytelling and traditional oral education at Red Crow College. Earlier this year, Marvin was a presenter of the program "New Perspectives on Knowledge Production: Aboriginal Research" sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). He is an award winning Chicken Dancer and drummer. Marvin has secondary transfer rights in the Niitsitapi knowledge discipline of Iiaohkiimiiksi.

  • Carolla Calf Robe

    Carolla Calf RobeCarolla Calf Robe (Naapiiaakii), a native herbalist, learned about plants from the grandmothers and was transferred the right to make medicine from her own grandmother in the 1970s. Since then, she has passed on her teachings to her own children and has instructed others in plant identification and common uses. Carolla has a long history of working with many different agencies, using both traditional and western models, to help people make change in their lives. Most recently she has worked with Red Crow College, University of Lethbridge, and Galileo Educational Network as an advisor and instructor.

  • Adam Delaney

    Adam DelaneyAdam Delaney (Mamiyo’ka’kiikin) is a highly regarded spiritual advisor with the Kaiani nation. Adam has worked to preserve his nation’s cultural and spiritual practices. He has advised on a number of community and educational initiatives and with post secondary institutions. His wisdom and opinion has also informed provincial, national, and international work. He has several times been a leader with principal transfer rights with the Iitskinaiksi (Horn Society) and is a Medicine Pipe Holder.

  • Alvin Many Chief

    Alvin Many ChiefsAlvin Many Chief (Akainaa) is currently compiling the curriculum for the first Kainai Ethnobotany course for Kainai Studies: An Online Campus which is part of Red Crow College on the Kainai Reserve. Alvin is a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and the U.S. Army. Alvin graduated from the U of Lethbridge with a combined B.A. / B.Ed degree. Alvin is a “kippitapoka”, raised by the old ones. Alvin’s family participates in the annual Sundance and is currently a member of the Brave Dog, Warrior Society. Alvin is also a fluent speaker of the Blackfoot language and conducts summer survival camps for the Blood Tribe youth.

  • Alvine Mountain Horse

    Alvine Mountain HorseAlvine Mountian Horse (Anatsoyi’kayaakii ),B.Ed. M. Ed., is a Blackfoot Immersion teacher with the Kainai Board of Education. She has worked as a Blackfoot language consultant with the University of Lethbridge and advised the authors of the book, Pictures Bring Us Messages: Sinaakssiiksi aohtsimaahpihkookiyaawa, Photographs and Histories from the Kainai Nation. Alvine was a lead teacher in the acclaimed Canada Culture Online (CCO) sponsored website Nitsitapiisinni - Stories and Spaces: Exploring Kainai Plants and Culture and has spoken at conferences and workshops about this work. She is part of the Buffalo Women’s Society and has been a bundle owner.

  • Pete Standing Alone

    Pete Standing AlonePete Standing Alone (Nii’ta’kaiksa’maikoani) is a Ceremonial Grandparent. He has served on the Mookaakin Cultural and Heritage Foundation of the Blood Tribe and acts as a cultural advisor for a great number of organizations, including the Glenbow Museum and Galt Museum. Pete Standing Alone has been the focus of three National Film Board Documentaries which highlighted his efforts to preserve the Kainai spiritual heritage.View a seven minute video introduction to these documentaries here. He has principal transfer rights with the Iitskinaiksi (Horn Society) and Ninnaimsskaiksi (Bundle Owner).

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