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Resources: Our Roots

Beattie, A.W. (1972). Trails grown over. Calgary, Alberta: Calgary Wheat Pool.
A collection of photos from the Glenbow Foundation, Calgary Herald, Alberta Government Photo Service, Provincial Archives and A.W. Beattie. It is a commemoration of fifty years of the Alberta Wheat Pool.
Beattie, A.W. (1983). Trails in the sunset: a tribute to people. Calgary, Alberta: Alberta Wheat Pool.
The story of sixty years of rural Alberta, commemorating the sixtieth year of the Alberta Wheat Pool. It provides historical features and pencil, pen and ink sketches. It is a tribute to the farming and other rural people of Alberta and the BC Bloc, whose lives have been closely linked to the farmer owned and operated grain handling cooperative for sixty years.
Buford 4-H Horticultural and Clothing Clubs. (1967). Pioneer reflections.  s.l.:s.n.
The introduction by Grant MacEwan, Lieutenant-Governor of AB (1967) endorses the value of the information presented in this book. This book presents local history based on interviews with pioneer settlers.
Calgary Horticultural Society. (1911). The city beautiful: season 1911. Calgary, Alberta. Author.
The aim of this publication is to give instruction in practical gardening, to make Calgary a beautiful city in the year 1911. It describes local conditions as they exist in Calgary, based on a series of lectures given to Calgarians, sponsored by the Calgary Horticultural Society.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. (1907). Facts concerning the Bow River Valley, Southern Alberta, Canada. Calgary, Alberta: Canadian Pacific Railway Co., Colonization Department.
Describes life of the early settlers in the Bow River Valley, Calgary at the turn of the century.
Canadian Pacific Railway Company. (1908). Settler’s guide: a handbook of information from settlers in the Canadian Pacific Railway irrigation block. Calgary, Alberta: Canadian Pacific Railway, Colonization Department.
A booklet produced solely for the use of people who purchased lands within the CPR Company’s Irrigation Block with the intention of making their homes there. The object of the booklet is to provide new settlers hints to lead them into successful farming earlier than would be the case.
Canadian Pacific Railway Company. (1909). Starting a farm in the Bow River Valley, Southern Alberta, Canada. Canadian Pacific Railway Company, Colonization Department.
The main object of the booklet is to present facts and figures in relation to “Starting a Farm”, to allow as many settlers as possible to successfully farm in the Bow River Valley. It was written in the year 1909 and all information is from this time period.
Calgary Stampede Committee. (1912). The stampede at Calgary, Alberta. Calgary, Alberta.
Describes the origin of the Calgary Stampede, Calgary’s growth and prosperity, history of Stampede events, and biographical sketches of prominent Calgarians.
Cockburn, J.A. (1909). Souvenir views of Alberta, the land of sunshine. Grand Rapids, Michigan: J. Bayne.
This is presently unavailable as a web resource.
Cunniffe, Richard. (1969,) Calgary in sandstone. Calgary, Alberta: Historical Society of Alberta, Calgary Branch.
This book provides the history of sandstone in Calgary beginning with the late 1800’s, outlining sandstone quarries and buildings in and around Calgary that are made from sandstone.
De Steur, E., Draper, N., Goldenberg, H., Grant, J.W. (1975). Past and present: people, places and events in Calgary: accounts. Calgary, Alberta: Century Calgary Publications.
This book provides accounts of life in early Calgary. It provides information regarding the history of band music in Calgary, Mayors of Calgary, 1884-1975, Municipal affairs in Calgary, and personal accounts of growing up in the early days of Calgary.
Hendrickson, James. (Ed.)(1981). Pioneering in Alberta: Maurice Destrube’s story. Calgary, Alberta: Historical Society of Alberta.
A narrative account about the common endeavors of the author and his neighbouring settlers homesteading in a remote part of Alberta. It describes the author’s family’s lives and friends over a forty -year period.
Owram, Doug. (1979). The formation of Alberta: a documentary history. Calgary, Alberta: Alberta Record Publication.
A well-organized documented history of the events leading to Provincial status in 1905.
Richardson, Ernest L. (1907). Calgary, Alberta: commercial (i.e. commercial) metropolis of Western Canada. Calgary, Alberta: Hammon.
Provides information on the climatic, agricultural, manufacturing, educational, commercial and industrial conditions of Calgary in the early 1900’s. (This article won the first prize – fifty dollars in Gold – in the essay contest conducted by the Hundred Thousand Club of Calgary, January 1st, 1907.)
Soby, Trudy. (1975). Be it ever so humble. Calgary, Alberta: Century Calgary Publications.
A study of Calgary’s history that is a behind-the-scenes peek at events in Calgary’s past. A look at people and a look at Calgary homes themselves (mostly from 1875-WW I).
Southern Alberta Pioneers and Their Descendants. (1995). Pioneer kitchens: our heritage from many lands. Calgary, Alberta: Author.
Presents a history of the Southern Alberta pioneers and their descendants, along with a number of photographs courtesy of the Glenbow Archives. Original recipes of early pioneers are included.
Stanley, George Douglass. (1951). A round-up of fun in the foothills. Calgary, Alberta. Author.
A narrative account of unforgettable incidents in the “horse and buggy” days of an Albertan pioneer doctor. It represents everyday life in a stockmen’s community.
Strathern, Gloria. (1988). Alberta Newspapers, 1880-1982. Edmonton, Alberta: University of Alberta Press.
Contains newspapers published in Alberta between the years 1880-1982, arranged by geographic areas.
Wilk, Stephen. (2002). One day’s journey. Calgary, Alberta: Alcraft Printing.
This is an updated version of the 1963 edition that was one of the most used books in the Calgary Central Library in the Canadianna section. In updating this edition, the author undertook extensive research, examination of archival data, follow-up interviews with pioneers and validation of the material of the first edition. It describes life of early pioneers and in particular, life in Airdrie, Alberta.


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