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T'Suu Tina Discoveries

The T'Suu Tina people (also known as Sarcee) lived in the area of Red Deer Lake. They currently have a reservation that is north and west of our school. The T'Suu Tina nation were originally part of the Athapaskan people. A legend tells that they split apart when the nation was crossing an ice-covered lake. The ice split. Half the the T'Suu Tina nation moved south. The other half remained where they were.

To study the artisty of the T'Suu Tina people, we began by looking at the land around our school. Their culture is inexorably liked to the land, so we immersed ourselves in the land. We visited, spent time, journaled our experiences and thoughts. After our visit to the land, we shared with each other how we felt being "alone" on the land. Taking our thoughts further we wrote about them and published to our website that we were building with the other schools who were studying the Blackfoot and the Stoney.

A member of the T'Suu Tina nation was invited to our class to share with us some of the ancient stories. After he left we gathered together and read other stories of the T'Suu Tina people. We chose to retell, with story and images, our understanding of these stories. We hope you enjoy our retelling of the ancient stories and the messages we have got from them.

To understand the T'Suu Tina culture, you must:


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