Student Insight

Student Insight

We started by going home and asking our parents how they decided on our names. It was interesting to find out the different reasons that our classmates were given their names. Then we looked up in a book the historical meanings and origins of our names. Some of the meanings fit people and some didn’t.

After this we started looking at different places and things in High River. It was cool to find out the history behind things but sometimes it was hard to find information.

Not as interesting to read about history as it is to go to places where there is history. We liked to work this way because it was fun and interesting.  You can work with friends and classmates to retell history so others can understand our stories of our history.  We can write about history so our kids and their kids and their kids can learn.

Names are important because you can talk about history in a name. George Lane is a park and there was obviously a reason for naming the park after George Lane and that lead us to the stories of history. Without a name you wouldn’t be able to navigate to places or talk to people or get to know their stories.

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