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DeWinton Student Story 1:

Hi m Mrs. Willford the owner of the boarding house in Dewinton.  The town was named after Colonel Francis Dewinton. It was a good running town but got smaller over the years.  Dewinton was established so the CPR could go through and sell goods.  Every thing came by rail.  Coal and grain had to be shoveled by hand. The mail came by rail as well.

Dewinton had a lot of community activities.  The most popular activity were plays with acting, concerts and dances.  Dances were formal and people of the community got invitations.  Ladies got a card that said when all the different dances would happen and the men would sign their name then the girls would know who they would dance with.  The picnics had games like tug-a-war and sack races the men only did these.  The outdoor skating rink was good entertainment.  Men had boxing matches.  

I'm Mr.Pashak and I have a general store and a machine shed.  The other businesses were black smith, grain, livestock and several houses.  Colonel Dewinton was born in England.  He was involved in the development of the Congo.  Dewinton was the first administer from April 22, 1884 to July 1886.  Dewinton came to be in 1892 when Francis Dewinton settled here. He was a Colonel in the army and one of the secretaries of the government.

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