Building an Inukshuk

Examples of Possible Structures



Students are encouraged to explore the various pictures of Inukshuks both in the classroom literature and on the Internet sources (see Resources) to familiarize themselves with the various forms of these traditional markers. They should also search for information on what the Inukshuks were (and are) used for in the Inuit culture.

Discussion among students to allow them to share their findings and to discuss a plan for the type of Inukshuk they will choose to construct. This discussion should also involve what they need to be thinking of as they choose their building materials.


Rocks (chosen according to plan of type and size)

Wood Blocks (size depends on rock size chosen)

Glue (for small models)

Silicone (for large models)


The students build a model of an Inukshuk using rocks that can be built up, on a wooden stand, without toppling.

Note: Once the structure has been shown to stand, on itís own, it can be glued together in order to be moveable.

Samples of Student Work

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