Reclaiming the Site

Once we finished working our dig, we had to return the site the way we found it. We removed all the stakes and string and we got the bobcat owner to move all of the piles of sifted dirt to fill in the units we opened.

There was a lot of dirt we sifted. We had to keep moving the tripods holding the sieves from one place to another because the dirt got so high. The picture below was taken part way through the first day and we already had to move the tripods once. We used all of this dirt to fill in the units before the bobcat owner pushed the grass sod over the dig.

We contacted a local bobcat owner who filled in the units and moved the sod back in place. The area will quickly return to a natural state.

We're going to take another picture part-way through the summer to show how the reclamation is going.

We're going to leave the fence up for now in case we decide to dig there again if we get another permit. Next year's students might decide to relocate the dig to another location. If they decide to do that, we'll remove the fence.