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Knowing that each of the landscapes and territories were different, the students:

Students Predictions

Millarville student predictions

Dr. Morris Gibson student predictions

Red Deer Lake student predictions

"Since all the land and kids were different, there should be different diary entries". "We think their diary entries will be different from ours because they live in on different land." "Our land is different and therefore the diary entries will all be different. They have to be because we all see different things."
"They have different thoughts of their own, so we would have different thoughts too." "Everyone has different feelings. No one's feelings can be the same." "Everyone has different personalities and therefore our diary entries have to be different."

"Their diary entries would not be the same as ours."

"Their diary entries would not be the same." "Their diary entries would not be the same."

Similarities in the Diaries Entries

"We were all adventurous on our land. Some of us would go and explore and some of us would just stay on the land but we liked being there."

" We did not have to worry the land made us feel safe and protected. It felt this way because it belonged to us and we knew the land. We had been there before."

"We felt alone in the big area because it was peaceful and calm but we were not scared to be there by ourselves. It was safe."

"The land made us feel tiny and it was a scary thought to have the responsibility for all of this land. We were not sure if we liked that."

"If someone else came to our land it would not feel safe anymore. There would be rules about how to keep the land for other generations. Very strict rules!"

Differences in the Diary Entries

"What we saw on our diary entries were different because our landscape was different. We saw different things and animals and this made us feel different and think about different things."

"We both felt small but for different reasons. It was the landscape that made us feel small. The Big Rock made us feel small, the mountains made us feel small, the trees made us feel small and the size of the territory made us feel small." Different landscapes same feelings. We found this interesting."

"One of us wanted to go east and one wanted to go west and the other school was just happy to stay where they were. We were all happy to do our own thing."

"Some of us would share our land and some of us would not share. If we were to share their would be rules attached to the sharing. They would have to keep it the way they found it."

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