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First Nations People - "Color and Design"

"Images are not just pretty pictures but are a connection to the Spirit Beings in the world around us." Elder

Traditionally, artistry was expressed on clothing, tipis and the artifacts of the native people. These art forms reflect the world around them and depicted spiritual connections. Even though the artistry of each tribe may have had its own distinctive character there were many universal commonalties. The colors came to them from the natural world and the designs were composed of geometric shapes, floral designs and animal symbolism. The artistry became the signature of that person.

The students had an opportunity to explore and discuss the artistry of color and design of their own tribe. Having done this they planned and designed their own artistry that would reflect their own personality and demonstrate understandings of the Blackfoot, Stoney and T'Suu Tina.

They were posted on the website with an explanation of choice and design. (Stoney, Blackfoot, T'Suu Tina)

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