Online Resources and Links


Water Science for Schools

Water Sampling tests from the Global Water Sampling Project

Calgary Waterworks (How safe is our drinking water?)

Health Canada Guides for Canadian Drinking Water

Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

Natural Resources Defence Council: Clean Water and Oceans

Give Water a Hand Take Action

The Global Water Sampling Project

Global Warming and Aquatic Ecosystems

How to Save the Oceans

Oceans in Peril Presented by the Smithsonian Institute

Searching for water web sites

Background information on water quality, climate, glacial ice caps, impacts, adaptations, stream characteristics, continental drainage, erosion, deposition

Interesting water links

Alberta Environment-water web sites

Water Quality

Groundwater Pollution, an Introduction

Properties of Groundwater, Use and Pollution.

Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

importance of water quality, effects, measurements, water cycle and improvements


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