Drinking Water Quality

Water is the lifeblood of the Earth.

What's in a glass, a sink, a river full of water? ... A refreshing drink ... a cleansing wash ... an invigorating swim ... a home for plants, insects, fish, birds and mammals. It all depends on the water quality.

North Americans are fortunate to live in a region of plentiful fresh water supplies, though the quality of the water available for human use is a major concern and debate within our developed society.

Do you think about the quality of the water that you drink, should you have to? We need to ask these questions when considering what 'quality drinking water' actually is.

  • What determines quality drinking water?
  • What health risks are associated with contaminated drinking water?
  • How are freshwater supplies becoming contaminated?

Your task is to examine issues related to the quality of our drinking water. Determine which factors affect the safety of our drinking water and make recommendations about protecting and maintaining its health.


Clean Water…Life Depends On It! Environment Canada page on water quality.

CBC Radio 'Troubled Waters' website. Explores Canadian water issues over the last 50 years, tours a water treatment plant and links to many related issues on water quality.

Summary of a series of CBC Radio broadcasts on water quality issues in response to Walkerton tragedy. Many links and possible contacts.

Walkerton website. Includes contributing factors to the tragedy and complete hearing summaries from the inquiry.

Canada's Federal Water Policy. Covers all aspects of water use and management.

General Resources on Water

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