Agricultural Impacts on Water

Farming is no stranger to Canadians. Agriculture is one of Canada's major industries. Not only do Canadians rely on the products of local agriculture for food but agriculture is a major business, providing jobs and exports that add to Canada's economy.

Agricultural land is much more than just a business in cultivation. It serves as a habitat for fish, wildlife and freshwater sources. The practices that make agriculture possible in Canada, such as irrigation, fertilization and pesticide use, may be affecting the water systems within and around these agricultural areas.

Your task is to examine the impact of agricultural practices on our water systems and the habitats that rely on them. Examine the long term consequences of these practices and make recommendations to address this issue.


Statement about the impacts of agriculture on water supplies.

Discusses agricultural land as an aquatic and terrestrial habitat for many fish and wildlife. Many contacts may be made through this site.

Agricultural Impacts on Surface Water Quality
in the Irrigated Areas of Alberta
(potential contact)

Various articles on water issues and policies.

General Resources on Water

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