Designing, building, testing...

Giraffe Robot

Building the Giraffe We wanted to build a giraffe and we wanted the head to move up and down.
Building the Giraffe It was a real challenge to get the head working properly. We tried to use gears, but we couldn't get them to work. So we used a pulley system.
movieThe Neck Problem
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The first time we tested our design, there was too much power going into the motor that controlled the neck. When it ran the neck and head fell off the giraffe.
movieFirst Solution
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We have a great idea. "Let's just attach it like that..."
movieSecond Solution
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"Ahhh... Oh it is so annoying!"
movieThird Solution
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"Why isn't it running?" "Why doesn't the head move like we want it to?"
movieIt Finally Worked
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Eureka! "Oh yaaaaa!"
Our Program
Giraffe Program