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Issues (to be translated)

Fireweed and Labrador TeaWhile working with the partners and experts to create this web site many issues and concerns arose, especially about the environment. Elders and experts alike raised thought-provoking questions and provided insights that are available in audio, video, and some text formats for both the Mokakioyis and Meyopimatisiwin inquiries. Some of the issues and concerns brought to our attention included how the communities have changed over the years, the impact of environmental issues on the community, the use of animals and plants for medicinal uses, language, and the spirituality and culture of the community. The value of sharing and some of the traditional teachings are being lost, and the communities are being inundated and affected by social problems, such as alcohol and drug abuse.

What do you think our next steps need to be to both preserve our history and create our desired future? Please view some of the landscapes in this site, and listen to some of the elders’ messages, and contribute your ideas and solutions to the community at . Please sign up and join our new online community.

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The Olden Days

Residential School

Moberly Lake School