Glenbow Museum

We went to a special archaeology program at the Glenbow Museum and worked with Steve Gin who taught us about different artifacts. There were three specific workshops:

  • looking at the questions artifacts raise, elementary grid work and how to conduct a dig,
  • making predictions from what we found out about artifacts and looking at different time periods, and
  • looking specifically at farming artifacts and artifacts from the Turner Valley area around the first discovery of oil.

Mr. Gin asked us to make predictions and generalizations about the culture based on the artifacts. This was a handy lesson to learn in preparation for our own dig.

Glenbow Museum Field Trip

In the Archeology program we went to at the Glenbow Museum: we learned that you should always contact an archeologist before taking the artifacts home. We did a program where you dig in sand and find bones, rocks and wood. We drew the location and then we wrote predictions about what they were used for on a clipboard. After that, we told what the artifacts were that we dug up. Steve, the archaeologist who was teaching us, helped us figure out what the artifacts told us about the people who lived then.

Grade 4 student