Herb March - local expert

By Morgan O.

How we knew that Mr. March lived in Millarville was because he is one my friend’s grandfather. To start, our big question was where did they put their garbage?

Mr. March tried to explain. He said they would dig a hole and put their garbage in the hole and when the hole got too full then they would have to burn all the garbage in the hole.

Mr. March’s Dad died on a well site that he operated for Ocalta Oil. So that was how he got started in the oil business. After that, they were transferred to Home Oil well site from 1957-1962. The site was 6 miles southwest of Millarville. Mr. March was first a De-waxer at the oil well site and then he was an engineering clerk. When he was a de-waxer, his job was to back up his truck to the oil well and drill out the oil that was plugging up the hole. This plugged up oil was like wax. That was why Mr. March was called a de-waxer.

I found that the most interesting thing that he told me was how they threw away their garbage. So that the things that we found in our dig were the garbage of the people that lived back then.