Getting the Permit

Andrea Richardson and Mrs. Stabler holding our permit.

Archaeology Site Requirements (3.2 Mb Quicktime video)

In this video clip, Andrea Richardson, the archaeologist, talks about the information needed to apply for a permit to hold an archaeological dig.


You must have a permit to run an archaeology site in Alberta. Brian Vivian, from the Archaeological Society of Alberta, Calgary Centre, and Susan DeCaen from the University of Calgary, put us in touch with Andrea Richardson, MA, who was the permit holder for our dig.

We were very fortunate to be able to work with Andrea through the whole process of the archaeological dig. All of us learned a great deal because of her passion and knowledge. There are laws protecting archaeological sites and the Alberta Historical Resources Act serves to protect and preserve archaeological sites and ensure that people excavating these sites have the necessary background to make relevant interpretations of their findings.

There is lots of information about archaeology on the University of Calgary's archaeological web site.Stratum is the electronic newsletter.