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Window into Me Reflection

The question "What Stories Do We Have To Tell" needed to start from within.
Each of the children started by taking home a writing journal where they were asked to answer one guiding question per week. The questions were; How did I get my name? Who do I look like? What stories do you have from your past? What is a family tradition that you enjoy?

The children investigated their family tree, stories from their elders, and their own personal timeline. As they gathered stories about their past and the past of their ancestors they became the keepers of those ancestral tales. Using photos from home, they each created a large picture window of photos and stories to go along with each of the four questions. They called it "Window Into Me"

The students also brought in a family artifact that had been passed down from generation to generation. We took photographs of the artifact and sketched them at school. The students orally shared the true story of their artifact. These stories were then video taped. They also wrote a fiction story about the artifact and answered the question "What new story does it have to tell?"


A Moment In Time – Laura

When I was 6 I sat on Santa’s knee for the first time at my Grandpa’s Christmas party. It was an important moment in time for me because now I can sit on Santa’s knee. I go to my Grandpa’s lodge party every year with my family.

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A Moment In Time – Meghan

My first Halloween I was an elf. I remember screaming in the back of my stroller. My sister was in the front of the stroller and I was always in the back. My brother ate all the candy from my first Halloween.

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A Family Tradition – Matthew

When I went to Arizona I had lots of fun. My Dad took lots of pictures. I go on trips with my family every year.

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My Name – Mikenna

My name is Mikenna Spring Gallinger. My Mom and Dad liked the name Mikenna. The name Gallinger was passed down from my dad. I got the middle name Spring because it was the first day of Spring when I was born and Spring is my mom’s favorite season.

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Who Do I Look Like? – Jorin

I look like my mom and my daddy. My mom and I both have dark hair and eyes. My daddy and I both have a beautiful smile.

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My Name – Matthew

My mom and dad were fighting over two names. My mom wanted the name Matthew and my dad wanted the name Thomas. My mom won. Now I am Matthew Thomas. My last name Biggs was passed down from my Grandpa Biggs.

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A Moment In Time – Holly

When I was 4 I went to England. I got to see my Grandma. My mother is English too.

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My Name – Christian

Hello, my name is Christian Robert Tallick. The name Christian is from a famous movie star named Christian Slater. The name Robert was passed down from Uncle Rob to me. The name Tallick is just our family name.

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Hear the students share their stories about artifacts that are part of their family.

Myah | Tyler | Aaron | Teslyn | Alannah


My Name – Ryan

Hello my name is Ryan. In Iran, people pray on praying rugs. My dad Dan has a red, gold and black praying rug that was passed down all the way from my Great Great Grandma to my dad. Maybe someday it will be passed down to me.

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My Name – David

Hello, my name is David. My Great Great Grandma gave this necklace to my mom in the hospital before she died and it means a lot to my mom. This necklace is costume jewelry. It is not valuable in money but it is valuable in memory. I think that the flower on the necklace is for love.

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My Name – Spencer

Hello my name is Spencer Thomas Stevens. My mom has a jewelry box. My Great Great Grandma got it from Argentina. It is silver and mother of pearl. When I first saw it I thought it was ugly. Now that I know the story it is not ugly anymore. Maybe it will be mine someday.

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My Name – Dayna

Hello my name is Dayna Wiebe. My great Great Grandma had a bowl. It was passed down for three generations. Maybe they served porridge in it. Now the bowl is very old and one day it will maybe be passed down to me. I will serve macaroni and cheese in it.

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My Name – Colby

Hello my name is Colby. My Great Grandpa Michalowski fought in World War Two. Along with other soldiers, each one was given a blanket. My Great Grandpa got this blanket in Italy and traveled to many places like Egypt, Turkey and Russia. After the war, my great grandparents lived in England. Then the family and the blanket moved to Canada.
The blanket was getting old so my Great Grandma cut apiece out and needle punched it. It sat on their piano stool. After 60 years of being in the Family the blanket sits on the same piano stool…but in my house.

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